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How can I help?

Be in touch!

Do you have substantial real world and successful business experience with a strong affinity to our community and openness to using its spiritual practices as well as rational ones, who want to help with building a substantive community self owned and run business plan over the next 6-8 weeks?

Do you have a skill you would like to contribute but does not fit in the words written here, please do send us a message! All pieces are needed.

Skills sought are any of financial, accounting, legal, entrepreneurial, revenue generating, successful development experience, etc.

On a more granular level capacity to manage or to do financial model and spreadsheet creation with assumptions/ sensitivities/ scenarios.

Depending on your availability/price your role will be to  either advise on or help put together the community buy out business plan with a team of skilled others passionate about our community, its future success, and its overlighting/underlying spiritual roots, working together in a non-egoic way, for the common good.

  • Skills and network within the impact investor and high net worth philanthropist communities and understanding suitable presentation styles for such are another skill-set sought.

  • Corwdsourced or direct to networth fund-raisng skills and success track record, also sought.

  • Grant writing and success and relevant relationships with suitable grant or Scottish grant bodies, decision makers and mechanisms also sought.

  • Also helpful is if you have run courses successfully here or elsewhere independently of the Foundation in terms of your experience with best pricing, attendance, costs for any groups you have run or teachers you have hosted, and how you have marketed those courses.

  • Successful restaurant/cafe/bar business knowledge; farm to table food production business knowledge also useful for those specific potential income streams.


Please let me (Rupert) know here or by pm or email to and include hours per month available.

If you can include your linked-in profile link or a resume or link to a bio that will be very helpful in terms of my mapping the skills.

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